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The Board is charged with administering, coordinating and enforcing the
Ophthalmic Dispensing Act codified at Ark. Code Ann. 17-89-101 et seq.
"Ophthalmic Dispensing" includes the preparation of laboratory work
orders, verification and dispensing of spectacle lenses, spectacles,
eyeglasses, or parts thereof to the intended wearer, on written
prescription from ophthalmologists or optometrists. More detail is
provided in Ark. Code 17-89-102 (1)(A)&(B).

The Board's duties include evaluating qualifications to take the
licensing examination, establishing the format and content of the
examination and administering the written and practical examination for
licensed dispensing opticians. The Board then issues a certificate of
licensure or certificate of registry to those applicants who
successfully meet the qualifications and pass the examination.

The Board investigates complaints, allegations and charges of practices
which violate the provisions of the Ophthalmic Dispensing Act and the
rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to the Act. These
complaints are against licensed dispensing opticians and against
business which are acting as licensed dispensing opticians without being

The Board compiles and maintains a book of licensure and registry of all
Dispensing Opticians who are licensed are registered to engage in the
business of ophthalmic dispensing in the State.

The Board promulgates rules which establish which acts shall constitute
improper conduct and grounds for revocation or suspension of a license
or registry or for refusal to renew a license or registry. It also
promulgates rules and regulations conforming to the policies of the Act
for the purpose of carrying into effect the purpose of the Act. This
includes establishing ethical standards of ophthalmic dispensing
practices, application procedures and procedures for investigation

The Board registers apprentice dispensing opticians who work with
licensed or registered opticians.

The duties and functions of the Board are listed completely in Ark. Code
Ann. 17-89-203.

The Board's address and contact person are:

Jerry Himes, Secretary-Treasurer
Arkansas State Board of Dispensing Opticians
Post Office Box 627
Helena, Arkansas 72342
Telephone/facsimile: 870-572-2847

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